Justice League Task Force




Want an action-packed, tournament-styled fighting game with loads of super moves and a menagerie of your favorite DC comic characters? Go somewhere else. This game is perhaps the least even-handed fighting game I have ever seen. You have your choices of Justice League characters which include Aquaman, Green Arrow, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Batman. If you want to annihilate your opponents though, use Superman. Once you get the hang of his super moves, he's literally unstoppable. I'm more akin to tournament games where each character has some sort of chance at winning. This game is so pro-Superman, It didn't seem like much of a challenge.

The upside to the game is that if you make good use of the other characters, you may enjoy the game. Wonder Woman and Batman are good characters to use. If you play a versus or battle round, you have the option of picking bad guys such as Darkseid and Cheetah. I have grown quite comfortable picking on Green Arrow, because he is this Robin Hood-looking guy who shoots technologically advanced arrows. Although this game isn't one I'd readily recommend, if there's nothing particular you're looking for, try it out.