Looking for a good platformer? Try Battletoads. This game has several elements which resemble Double Dragon or River City Ransom, yet  it maintains it's individuality as well. Battletoads changes shape throughout the game. It offers your garden variety punch/kick and their respective supers. I have always been partial to the exaggerated punches and kicks wherein your fist or foot becomes enormous before the final hit. The weapons that you use are fragments of defeated enemies. This game also includes change in perspective, and vehicles. Albeit not much to ask for by today's standard, but for it's time this was almost never seen in a single game. 

Even though the Battletoads were created, obviously trying to leech off the popularity of certain ninja turtles, the game is none the lesser for it. It is able to distinguish itself amongst the beat'em up platformer gray area of it's peers. Battletoads is a very clever blend of basic fighting games and the hand/eye coordination of racing games. In short, this is a good game for anyone.