Blind dates are often prone to failure. Now imagine that you're brought back from the dead to be hooked up with a big, hulking goon that is also the town pariah. Welcome to the colorful and exciting world of the Bride of Frankenstein.

This movie is the sequel to the original horror classic. It takes place almost immediately where the previous film had seemingly ended. The raging inferno that leveled the old windmill was not enough to destroy the monster, or for that matter Dr. Frankenstein. The townspeople are just beginning to evacuate the scene when an extremely annoying woman begins ranting on about how the monster isn't really dead. As it turns out, she's right. The monster is badly burned, but well enough to flee the scene and kill a few more townspeople later on. During one of his "episodes" he rages towards a nearby hut where an old blind man lives. Soothed by music, he enters the hut. The blind man teaches the monster a few basic communication skills and that smoking and drinking are good for him.

The angry mob of villagers eventually find the monster and try killing him once again. All the while, Dr. Frankenstein is being pestered by the wicked Dr. Pretorius. Pretorius seeks to replicate Frankenstein's original experiment's with creating life, only this time with a hot chick instead of a grotesque monster. When nagging doesn't work, Pretorius enlists the monster's help in kidnapping Frankenstein's new wife. Finally Frankenstein agrees to help out and they travel to his old lab, pull some levers, do their science thing and mmmmmmmmbop! Bride of Frankenstein is born.


Despite all the careful attention that goes with science, one can never predict what the heart wants. The monster smiles and attempts to court his bride, except she just keeps screaming. Obviously this is not a good love connection so the monster decides to do what anyone with a broken heart might do: kill himself. He allows Dr. Frankenstein and his wife to leave before destroying the tower with a high voltage electrical charge. Again, you never actually see anyone die so it can be assumed that this was left, yet again, open for a sequel.

If you see this movie, don't expect to see much of the title character. This is a movie about the Frankenstein monster, not so much his would-be mate. Overall, it was not as interesting as the original. The scenes, characters and conflicts didn't really extend into directions that the first movie hadn't already addressed. Still, it was a decent flick and one that any classic horror guru might want to have in their collection.