Captain America &
the Avengers



 Ever notice how some of the best old games were created around comic book heroes? Me neither. The most surprising thing about games like Captain America and the Avengers is that it came out after Super Mario Bros and Contra, but was worse. You'd think that with technology moving forward, the game engineers might try to improve their games. Instead you get games like this.

Captain America and the Avengers is a limited game with crippled characters. Captain America can't fight in the typical 8-directional fashion. Nope, he can't even fight in 4 directions. He can fight left, and fight right. The graphics speak for themselves. In a nutshell, this game falls short of even some of the standards beset by Atari. The only lure the game will ever have is that of playing as Captain America, or possibly Hawkeye. If that's enough for you, good luck with this game. I'd recommend this game for much younger players in foreign countries with tyrannical governments. As you defeat your oppressive opponents you will experience the true nature of Captain America and the liberated counrty he represents.