I'll bet you thought it would stop with Carnosaur, didn't you? Well it didn't.  I guess what clearly separates the two films is the presence of the raptors.  Well, this movie had something like a clean dozen, if not more of them. Since I was terrified of them in Jurassic Park (where there were only 3), I could only wonder if my fear would increase exponentially also.

The movie starts out in some military facility with our hero, some drunk dude named Reed, another smart-ass named Monk, some girl, and some black guy who's the only one that's not a hick.They hurry over to the base and quickly discover that their employer is a total dick! He gives everyone shit just to be a pain in the ass.  They find some kid in the diner, but he's catatonic. Another raptor thing attacks the chick and the black dude in the control room. The girl hasn't been seen nekkid yet, so it seems pretty obvious which one doesn't make it out alive.

Their boss, McQuade is frequently in the way and eventually starts sneaking up and hitting people with his hammer. Monk doesn't take too well to this and hits him back. They get around to setting some explosive traps for the dinosaurs and learn that there is also a ton of nuclear warheads in the basement too. Collectively, they decide to try to get out of there.

That girl, who seemed more focused than most women would be in this situation/movie, was devoured when the raptors caught up with her. To her credit, she had the most graphic and well-acted death scene in the entire movie. She took getting your arm bitten off by a raptor to an entirely new level. The next to go were Monk and McQuade because they were both all beat up or something. neither could walk very well and died in a very default, noble way. As they clenched onto their sticks of dynamite, yelling something like "If we're gonna die, we're takin' them with us!!"

The only two left now are Reed and the kid. Something happens and Reed falls down onto a pile of  pipes. The kid hears the rescue chopper and heads outside, and  explains that there's someone inside who needs their help. Hastily, the kid decides that the rescue team is a lost cause and rescues Reed himself. 

 As they begin to board the helicopter, this damn kid runs off again. Feeling that a nuclear explosion would not be enough to subdue the T-rex, the kid engages in a final showdown. He quickly mans a fork lift and battles the beast.  The T-rex appears to be a little drunk or at least tired, and fights sloppily. Ultimately, the kid shoves the beast down a 150 ft. deep shaft and climbs into the rescue helicopter seconds before the explosion.

I think this movie sucked. Even for a sequel to an already low-budget movie, it was bad. The worst thing about it was its failed attempt to be mediocre, that made it worse in the long run. The special effects were matched with poor lighting in ways that made them seem almost invisible at times. If you plan to see this movie, don't because you're wrong.