This section is all about eight bit graphic Nintendo games from long ago. For those of you who remember, these were some of the most addictive games. We can also refer to this as the golden age of video game entertainment, in that the phenomenon was finding itself, giving a story behind the game like Zelda and Super Mario, unlike Atari systems which did not. This was defining moment of game system. It was not only a big step for home entertainment, but the time when computers began to be a part of every household throughout America. Who could forget going over to a friends house every morning and staying until twelve (or what your curfew would allow) for days at a time just to beat that ever important game like Contra. So in closing please if you have any decency, if you still have Nintendo break it out one day play it just like the old days. Blow in the console, then into the game. Prop one game on top of the other to hold it in place and enjoy the trivial things before technology takes you away to some where the graphics are more important than winning.