Ernie X


Ernie X is a patched version of Sesame Street ABC. Needless to say it's an improvement on the original game. The patch extends the reach of the game outside the children's market, and makes it captivating and intriguing to adolescents, teens and possibly adults. The game is divided into two sub-games, which allows players to play more than just one game. In Ernie's Big Splash, it becomes your task to build a plumbing system from the faucet to Ernie by choosing the proper pipe picture. Gamers will certainly reap the rewards of a job well done when this is performed correctly. Ernie begins smiling and ejaculating into the air, his gaze intently focused on the half-erect penis hovering over him. In the second installment, Letter Go Round, you must spell out a common English words which are 4-5 letters long. Again, unhindered praise becomes evident when Cookie Monster and Ernie race from a nearby tent and dance around, proudly displaying complete and full erections while fireworks go off in the horizon. This game is of a rare breed where the player will leave with a sense of fulfillment. It is educational and does not endorse violence as so many games of today do. This game is highly recommended for users of all ages.