So. You're curious about this exciting, new venereal disease too, huh? Well, before you rush out to catch the "crab-fever" that's sweeping the nation, here are some useful and interesting facts about our little friends. A note to the readers: though some of the following statements seem to be obvious gags we've thrown in for a chuckle, others are life-threateningly important facts. See if you can separate the facts from the fiction.

Fun with Learning...

  • Crabs is caused by Pthirus Pubis, or pubic lice.
  • Crab lice are tools of fictional propaganda to promote abstinence. 
  • Head lice is a form of crabs. 
  • The presence of crabs can be determined by persistent itching and tiny white dots. 
  • It is usually better to get crabs as a child, rather than getting it as an adult. 
  • The offspring of a crab louse is called a nit. 
  • Crabs are manifested as a result of poor hygiene and filthy environment.
  •  The only way to safely rid yourself from crab lice is to remove each louse manually.
  • Since they only live a short while, a crab louse needs only three days to burrow underneath your skin and lay its eggs.
  • It is still believed that using special shampoos is an effective treatment for crabs.
  • Crab lice are hermaphroditic, or reproduce asexually.