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this site is taking forever to build. the updates will be coming more frequently in the future (hopefully). i have every intention of expanding the games section, but first i'd like to build up a fair amount of movie reviews. aside from that, i want to increase traffic to the site as well as get more people interested in joining our staff. i am taking things as they come, which is slowly. 

there's a lot of new stuff in the movies section. more horror classics like the wolf man and bride of frankenstein. there's a lot more stuff i have reviewed but not posted yet so stay tuned for updates. 

games is still a little down. i plan to have more reviews very soon. until then, there are new (old) game favorites like jaws, back to the future and captain america & the avengers available. i have also included some hack versions of games like sesame street abc and river city ransom. 

i hope everyone enjoys the site. if you are interested in contributing or becoming an affiliate, email me.