This movie was sort of boring. It's all about a creature that is basically an octopus. The creature starts attacking boats, beachgoers and architectural landmarks. The special effects were very well done, considering the era this film was made. Without films such as this, there would be no Jaws, maybe Deep Blue Sea?

What the movie had in clever stop-motion puppetry, it lacked in plot. Not that all films back then were as scrutinized for realism as they are today, but what the fuck is an octopus attacking skyscrapers for??? I mean they couldn't just have it drag down ships in the water. They had to have this thing destroy bridges, towers and cars.

I really liked the special effects in this movie, but that was it.  The female scientist who seemed to take heroic charge, often regressed spontaneously into a submissive female stereotype. The romantic subplot was also boring. Aside from that, the rest of the movie was comprised of erratic tentacles that might just as easily climb up your bathroom toilet and attack you.