i miss you, 
kim deal...

For some reason, I've been on the biggest Kim Deal kick of all time. I have no idea why. I just keep listening to Breeders albums (yes, they made more than one) and old Pixies stuff. I even have the video for Divine Hammer somewhere on tape. I watched that a few times this past week. 

I was never a really big fan of The Breeders. I liked them a little in high school and bought Last Splash, but that was pretty much for Cannonball. I still like that song, but there's a lot of other good tracks on the album too. For instance, the song Saints can really grow on you if you hear it enough. I'm also partial to Flipside. It sounds like the type of music you'd hear in a Hawaiian-themed malt shop. I guess the thing that's been weighing kinda heavy on me is "why Kim Deal?". To be honest, I'm not sure.