Before visiting the mysterious & dinosaur-rich south pole, make sure that you watch this movie. The Land Unknown gives an accurate portrayal of this often misunderstood area of the globe.  Though made in the late 50's,  this film makes the dinosaurs almost come to life with its cutting-edge technology and feasible scenarios.

The movie begins somewhere with characters, and picks up pace from there. Soon, we find our characters venturing in a helicopter to this "land unknown". It was only a matter of time before the helicopter was hit by a pterodactyl. Now, the helicopter crashes and they soon become the prey of the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex. Terrified, I cringed at the sight of this magnificent beast. At last, a t-rex which walked like a human being. Now there's something to be afraid of. 

There were several other terrors which were met by our characters. Among these, were your standard issue carnivorous plant, komodo dragons (used to represent other dinosaurs), and a sea monster. The most fearsome of these terrors was a bizarre, sexually deprived man known as Hunter. Due to a similar mishap, Hunter became trapped in the south pole and fended for himself using intelligence as his greatest weapon. Intelligently, he clobbered and threw fire at all those who opposed him. He  also developed the habit of kidnapping the journalist Margaret, and bringing her back to his lair. When Margaret refused his advances, he subdued her with a quick punch to the head. Soon after, the other members of the expedition discovered Hunter and introduced themselves. 

As the familiarization continues, Hunter reveals that he has something of a shitload of helicopter parts hidden somewhere. During one of his routines of kidnapping Margaret, Hunter is confronted by the group inside his cave and a fight ensues. As a result, Hunter sustains a head injury and gives the group a map showing the location of the needed replacement part for the helicopter. Margaret, who no longer sees Hunter as a threat, offers to stay with him while the the others search for the replacement rod. 

The men eventually locate the rod and quickly get the helicopter in working order. As they leave, Hunter reveals that he won't be joining them on the way back to civilization. His convictions withstand all but an unforeseen attack by a plesiosaur. Hunter tries desperately to fend off the beast utilizing even his infallible fire. Sadly, his torch proves to be an ineffective weapon, especially since this battle was held in the middle of a river. In a riveting exchange of fates, the sea creature bears its sharp teeth and knocks Hunter unconscious with its fin. 

The beast is finally defeated by ingesting a flare, and an injured Hunter is brought aboard the helicopter. The trip is made safely and as the rescue ship becomes visible, a change is seen in Hunter that would melt the heart of the most caliced of cynics. Finally, they are home. They are safe. The helicopter descends on the ship and crashes in the ocean. Fortunately, they are easy to rescue and Margaret informs fellow expedition member, Commander Roberts of her plans to have his baby.