Mono Vs. Stereo

How expanded can our mind become if we never try to expand it?
Time is constructed of ideas inside human minds
the past, our memories
the present, the chemical reflections of our surroundings
the future, our imaginary conception of reality
time is more fragile than our own fragile bodies because it can be spliced , changed, elongated, and formed into whatever we see it to be or what we want it to be
time is mortal
there is no such thing as a lie
everything you have been told is real
or will be
or is to whomever lied to you
christ did die on a cross for your sins
isn't it a shame that there is no god
we have constructed time and reality into controllable things
we have categorized ourselves and our surroundings
it is our ability to convince ourselves that we are better than others that separates us from the animals
there is no better way to do this than time
without time reality as we know it could not exist
some individuals use this to control people
chances are you are not one of those individuals
the people who control you are long gone most not knowing what they were doing or why
much like you
it all becomes very unimportant when you realize the noose around your neck can only be pulled by your hands
and the construction of reality that has been imposed upon you is just a suggestion
sheep all live very happy lives
someone who i might not ever know told me dreams have power
dreams do have power
in the world that has been built for us dreams are the only true power.