There have been horror films made for every remotely violent animal in the world. Not all of these films however, possess the courage to produce a sequel. Piranha 2, the obvious sequel to the first Piranha, unfolds as most great movies do: with an underwater sex scene. Two horny divers soon become a meal for a school of piranhas. Once their bodies are found, the ocean's safety factor becomes a cause for concern. The beach club, aptly named "Club Elysium", is a popular vacation spot this time of year (reminds me of Jaws). Anne, the club's scuba diving instructor, takes a group down to explore the wreckage of a naval ship. After she discovers the devoured body of one of her students, the story begins to unfold. 


Anne's husband is a cop named Steve, in charge of investigating the matter. He does not really seem that important to the story, even though he is played by Lance Hendriksen (Bishop in Aliens). The smooth-talking guy, Tyler, in Anne's class takes an interest in her and begins following her everywhere. The two investigate the local morgue and discover that the local attacks were the result of mutant piranhas. These piranhas are mean and able to fly, making them virtually unstoppable to the ignorant patrons of the beach. With this in mind, Anne asks Tyler to spend the night/bone her. Anne pleads with her boss to warn people about this issue but he ignores the issue and fires her (reminds me of Jaws). several people are attacked over the next few days; some on land, some in water. As the climax of the movie built, it became harder and harder for me to stay interested.

The resolution? Anne and her boyfriend lay explosives in the naval wreck where the piranhas seem to live during the day. They blow it up, but not before Tyler gets eaten by several piranhas. Anne surfaces and is rescued by Steve and her son. The memory of Tyler, and the piranhas would forever remain in the past. I really might have liked this film if it wasn't the same thing as Jaws. For as intriguing as a school of insatiable flying piranhas might seem, I was actually a little disappointed by this movie. It was directed by James Cameron (director of Terminator 1,2) however,  it seemed to be almost starved of special effects. It does not come recommended, even for camp value. Since the only unique and redeeming aspect of this movie are fish with wings, you're really better off just seeing Jaws.