Shit. Complete shit. You think that you won't like this movie? Well, actually you can't like this movie. Can't. Why? It's shit. 

The premise of this movie is that a foggy dome is formed over a small part of southern California. Everyone inside the dome is dead, save for a reporter, a scientist and his two simple, whorish daughters. I forgot. There's also slime people. They're trying to rise to the surface to rebel and destroy humanity. At first, the reporter seems skeptical about the existence of slime people, however he is quick to change his mind once they discover an auto wreck nearby. Upon closer inspection, they notice the driver has been murdered with a spear of some kind. Obviously, no man could perform such a feat therefore, they must now try to escape these stupid-looking creatures. 

The group drives to a news station in an attempt to learn more about the creatures. The scientist watches a few minutes of news footage concerning the slime people and quickly learns almost everything there is to know about them. That being finished, they hide in an abandoned studio where they are met by a handsome young marine who instantly falls in love with one of the scientist's airhead daughters. The two kiss, but then remember that their lives are in peril and they should really be paying more attention to not getting slaughtered by slime people. 

They eventually hideout in a meat locker, but not before another romance ensues. Meanwhile, the scientist discovers that they can get through the fog dome using regular table salt. The reporter finished eyeing the scientist's daughter and discovers the machine that is generating the smoke. A fight commences and the scientist destroys the fog machine with a spear. Without the fog, the temperature rises and the slime people begin to die. The military arrives to congratulate the scientist for his heroism.