Few games come along like this, one of those games you get into hardcore as a kid, then come back years later and find it just as enjoyable as the first time you played it.  This game has it's own lingo, it's own twisted moral code, even it's own economy.  I know it's just like any other RPG ever created, but this game finds a way to hit you below the belt. By the time you get used to conversing with informants and contacts, trading and buying weapons your already too far into the game to quit and throw in mortal kombat.

    Set in future Seattle you are a mercenary on the revenge trail, in order to make money you go on shadowruns, arranged by your boss along with your fellow runners, all of which you get to pick and choose from whoring yourself to the highest bidder.  The gritty taste of this game is complemented by a good soundtrack and visuals, this is light RPG at it's best. 

    Ok how bout' the bad stuff about this game, for starters it was made in fucking1989, not exactly the cusp of gaming creativity.  Also it's genesis, I think Back then everyone was really excited about it's capability to show 256 colors and overlap objects. So don't expect Blade Runner graphics to go along with this Blade Runner story.  

Rating: 7 bugs, a classic in my book
Ow bout' some codes chummer?
At the title screen, press A, B, B, A, C, A, B.  under the last option in your pocket secretary your cursor will go on an empty space, that's the hidden menu.
Code  Description
Gives your character 250,000 nuyen
Gain all available spells
Gain the best deck with all programs
Lets you pick any mainframe
Heals your character and any shadow runners tagging along
Gain 10 Karma points
Gives 10 Karma while walking
Gain all available contacts

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