I'll put the good before the bad; the movie had ambition, moxie if you will, if it had been made today it would still flop, but it would be a multimillion- dollar flop.  it took a bold stance for it's time on creation, I thought.  for a good fifteen or twenty minutes the lead hero (Jock Armstrong or something like that) talks on and on about how humans came from monkeys and how it okay to fuck them because of that.

Anyway besides the obvious reasons this movie is bad is the fact that, by ignoring her, the know-it-all hero gets the girl at the end. The heroine here  (Jeff Conway) is supposed to be a reporter, but aside from constantly getting beaten and kidnapped, spends most of her time bathing (not even nude!) and catering to her attacker. No wonder my mom act's like me and my father's handmaiden, heroine's like this give Barbie a good name.

The heartthrob supporting male (Tony Randal) is a total flamer, and the bumbling fifth wheel (Who Cares) pulls his role off with excruciating accuracy.

Here we see the two masculine heroes engaged in bungee-tartaric sex, i don't know about you but 69's my favorite number

Here Hunter (Henry Brandon) splashes water in the young girls face exclaiming "wake up I ain't into necrophilia!"

Henry "Hunter" Brandon has had a very eventful career
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Critic: Otto Octavious
Rating: If you even consider watching this move for a second you deserve to see it.