Not many movies make ride the edge of your seat and leave you bursting into cold, fear-induced sweats. Neither does  The Tingler. This old school horror picture stars Vincent Price as a doctor researching fear-related deaths. He believes that there is a creature that lives along the spine which tightens up when you are afraid. Getting scared???

The Doctor decides to scare the hell out of his rich, slutty wife and once she's passed out, he x-rays her spine revealing the presence of a "tingler". Soon after, he takes takes some LSD in order to feel his own tingler. Not impressed enough by this, he then removes a tingler from a cadaver and it escapes in a theatre. Since I watched this movie at home, and several decades after it was made, I was not impressed.

If you're into two-foot long rubber centipedes, then maybe this is the movie for you. For me, this was a sort of step down from some of the movies made around the same era. Medical dialogue, poor special effects and irrelevant plot run as rampantly through this film as fat children in a Chuck E. Cheese's. This movie has an overly ambitious ego, in that it bills itself as one of the scariest movies ever. Ironically enough, it isn't.